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Have you ever been surprised by your ability to acquire a skill in a task you never initially aimed to?


That feeling of self-worth and confidence fueled by determined self-care, even if not the main aim turns out to be an exceptional by-product. Truthfully, being confined to our homes due to the current scenario has made us realize how these unnoticed skills acted as a blessing in disguise, forcing us all to take a moment for ourselves and look at our development from a wider perspective. This physical captivity made it inevitable for us to ignore the influence of these so-called "unknown" skills on us.

Incidental skills are the ones developed without deliberation, often acquired as a result of an independent and unrelated mental activity. The quintessential human trait of infants acquiring their native language is a universal example of aforementioned process. Quite a lot of skills can be acquired implicitly, given that a certain level of attention is kept. These skills are retained in one’s mind, unintentionally, persistently and for a longer period of time than supposed. Interestingly enough, research on amnesia patients has often shown that even if explicit learning is impaired, implicit learning tends to stay intact. It is also observable that however they differ in significant aspects, both cognitive intelligence (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ) are enriched when these skills are acquired and honed.

These skills have been categorized on the basis of the objective they serve. To win a game of chess, one needs to develop a strategy, which has to be recalculated after every move of the opponent. This process not only aids one’s ability to concentrate, but also assists in the thorough analysis of a situation. The reduction in confusion by continuously improving the efficiency of your mental process can unknowingly strengthen critical thinking. Developing a drive for taking initiative is also a by-product of primary activities. So, if somebody enlists for the lead role in a school/work project, it urges him/her to participate and improve, simultaneously providing exposure and insight. This instance is also an excellent advocate for leadership, giving the volunteer a thrust of motivation and aplomb. Leadership is followed by effective and smooth communication which incorporates fluency, accuracy and clarity in one’s speech. In addition to these, a person can also widen his/her imagination, giving the individual the ability to visualize and innovate. To consider a sitch, artistic activities like painting, singing or photography certainly serve to expand the radii of creativity of and dilate one’s perspective. On top of all that, some hobbies also help people familiarize themselves with acceptance and adjustment, like engagement in sports or learning how to play a musical instrument.

After considering the strengths of this inadvertent domain, one is immediately curious as to how these skills might be induced. To think critically, individuals should focus on asking questions about basics and assumptions, being aware of their mental process and analyze every piece of information before making a decision. Qualities like leadership and initiative can be absorbed by grabbing every opportunity one receives and performing with fullest gusto possible. Being a simplistic speaker and a good listener can go a long way towards boosting your confidence, while also facilitating you with calm and clarity. On another hand, reading has been considered as a major source to promote imagination along with meditation and travelling. Creativity has no bounds, although one can definitely broaden his/her vision with artistic guidance and composure. Acceptance and adjustment steadily flow in when we embrace individuality. This helps us to learn, revise and reform effectively, while also minimizing negative discernment.

These much-needed skills are what make a person ably complete. However, they are imbibed deep inside and therefore not always consciously known, forcing us to dive deep into our mind and lead us towards self-actualization. This study of the sub-conscious mind opens a plethora of new individual perspectives, facilitating the discovery of the unknown. So, rather than taking your inner conscious for granted, explore the adept within and channel the intellect of your elevated being into something constructive. Stay intriqued!

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