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The greatest leaders mobilize others by coalescing people around a shared vision. Ashwin Dutta and Eshaan Bajaj, the Organizer and Co-organizer of TEDxGGDSDCollege2021, talk about bringing people together by formulating a goal, the management of a successful event and their experience during TEDxGGDSDCollege2020.

What were the reasons for your continuation with the organization of this event? Were there any specific humorous/memorable moments during your previous experience?

 The initial reason to join the organization being building a C.V., Eshaan apprised how he fell in love with it after contributing to and understanding the working of every department last year. “There were fierce moments rather than humorous because of the tough time last year, but these moments are the reason we developed our character and learnt from past mistakes.”

Ashwin believed that this event transforms lives as he quoted,” The only reason I’m continuing with this organization is that I still have a lot to learn. Being appreciated to this position, I wanted to create a space where hierarchy is followed in a manner that makes me accessible, regardless of difference in post.” A memorable moment, according to Ashwin, was having urgent calls during midnight, as he certainly recognizes its benefaction towards boosting confidence.

How was your experience while interviewing and selecting candidates? How is it different from the time when you were on the other side of the table?

 “When you know that you have the responsibility of selecting the perfect team, you know you have to pay attention. This experience made us understand the relevance of questions and the way interviewees present themselves.” About his experience while being the one answering the questions, Eshaan phrased that giving truthful answers confidently and dressing appropriately are the key elements to ace an interview. “The correctness of an answer depends on the interviewer’s judgment, but confidence and honesty reflect your devotion to an organization.”

Ashwin put emphasis on selecting candidates who would be able to maintain control and composure in demanding situations. He also enlightened us on how he learnt a lot from conducting interviews of such a diversity of people. Regarding his experience as an interviewee, he recollects, “I was very confident. I gave impressive answers about what I can achieve, keeping in mind my experience and expertise.”

What new skills do you hope to learn during the event? Do you think they will be different from your past experience?

Both Ashwin and Eshaan concurred that their leadership competency will be developed at their present roles and acknowledged the contribution of the organizers of TEDxGGDSDCollege2020, Sourav and Palac, towards this development.

“Our experience will be different from the last time because of the change in our positions. During the previous event, I had to be the listener. Now, I have to instruct a competent team. I have already started to experience ascension in tranquility and flexibility in my decision-making,” says Eshaan, focusing on how these aspects will help him build his disposition.

Ashwin believed the difference to be in terms of pressure. “With our current level of responsibility, pressure is obviously incidental. We had less pressure last time, but with the escalation in authority, a certain amount of constructive persuasion is always healthy for personal and organizational growth.”

Through your leadership, what specific qualities or work ethics do you aim to promote in your present team or TEDxGGDSDCollege2021? How do you plan to motivate your team to achieve said qualities?

The pair emphasizes on the significance of punctuality during any event, as it makes or       breaks the act. They also elaborate on some other key components:

“Hardwork is extremely important, especially because it is a skill for life and not merely for an event. Another quality that needs to be imbibed is respect, not only on the basis of position, but personality as well. Having good relations with every member is very vital for a successful event,” as said by Ashwin, who aims to promote these qualities in the members by making them fall in love with the organization. “Working passionately for this organization urges you to work hard for it, that’s just the magic of it all.”

Eshaan prioritizes sacrifice and perseverance to be embedded in the team. “Sacrifices have to be made during every event. To sacrifice, we must have the quality of perseverance, which I learnt from this organization itself. One more attribute I want to instill is realization. If we realize the points we need to improve upon, it makes all the difference. Change is a result of realization.” He maintains on promoting these qualities in the team by being a model example and encouraging the members to stay focused.

What do you think makes TEDxGGDSDCollege unique? How do you think TEDxGGDSDCollege2021 is different from previous editions?


Ashwin and Eshaan stressed on TEDxGGDSDCollege being a legacy and how it has been running and growing through the last seven years. They highly appreciate the efforts of all department heads of this year’s event towards maintaining this legacy. In the words of Ashwin,”Consistency and experience are responsible for this event’s distinguished success. The strife to make things happen while following rules and regulations is what keeps an event progressive.” Having a team of individuals who are connected by the common goal of making an event successful, according to him, is exactly what makes its grandeur even larger.

“We are a part of an international platform. The credibility of this organization lies in its development and age. Being an independent event, smooth functioning is ensured and we are given creative freedom.” Eshaan also exhilarates us to stay tuned till September to really observe what this event has in store for us. By emboldening us to grab every opportunity that comes our way and give it the best we can, Ashwin Dutta and Eshaan Bajaj accorded the ability to achieve great heights. Leadership, indeed, is nothing but influence.

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