Technology, Entertainment and Design. It was on March 23, 2009 that these three concepts were first brought together under one event called TEDx. The 'x' stands for the mission of the event to reach the grass root level and explore ideas worth spreading.

TEDxGGDSDCollege has been a proud addition to this series for the past 5 years and we don't plan on ceasing anytime soon!
Taking inspiration from the Sharks, who can survive only as they swim forward, every Edition of
TEDxGGDSDCollege has been more creative and exuberant than its former one.

Bringing together various people from all walks of life to share their perspectives, experiences and most importantly, their ideas, we aim to present our audience with once-in-a-lifetime experience at our event.


Theme:  Approaching Infinity

TEDxGGDSDCollege 2019 was a peerless addition to the series of TEDx events organized at the college. Profound Speakers were invited from all around the nation to address the audience and present them with a personal take on the theme.
The event covered a wide arena of topics ranging from Mr. Rabindra Narayan inspiring the audience to be persistent, to Chef Ajay Chopra talking about his spicy and sweet journey as a Chef. From Ven. Geshe La Dorji Damdul enlightening us about spirituality, to Tithi Tiwari giving us the secret of making dreams come true, it was an event that brought magic and reality together.
Last but not the least, Ridhi Dogra, a well renowned actress in the world of television and Jubin Nautiyal, a Bollywood singing sensation, left the audience with goosebumps as they unraveled their exciting journeys and mind blowing performances.

TEDxGGDSDCollege 2019 was not just an event, rather a hub where the intellectuals got to share their knowledge, the passionate hearts got inspiration to aspire and the curious minds got answers to a million unanswered questions.
All in all, it was a fun-packed event with tons of exquisite moments for everyone to take home.


Theme: Connecting Perspectives

The prestigious event returned for its 4th edition in 2018 with a different enlightening theme: Connecting Perspectives. The event had speakers from various fields talk about how new ideas are everywhere and how can one connect to them. The speaker line-up included actors, writers, start-up founders, a pottery enthusiast duo, and a spiritual leader. Every speaker had something new to share; Mr.Adarsh Natrajan enlightened us about the scope of Artificial Intelligence in the medical field and how it can increase life expectancy. Mr.Saqib Saleem, a famous Bollywood actor told us about his acting journey, how he found the light and what led him into becoming an actor. Ms.Tahira Kashyap, a multi talented woman who has her feet in almost everything told us how it all happened. The audience learned a lot from the event. They even made new friendships and everybody left the hall with a new, connected viewpoint in life. The event had an awe-inspiring flute performance which was followed by an energetic concert by a band. The attendees tapped their feet to the rhythm and danced their hearts out and the event then wrapped up.


Theme: Unity in Diversity. 


With speakers coming from various walks of life, TEDxGGDSDCollege, 2017 was full of mind blowing and thought-stirring moments. Every speaker brought insight from a completely different field from the previous. Their engagements with life’s ups and downs, their never-say-die attitude towards all the odds and the everlasting strive to better the best were the common denominator for all those intellectuals. 

Mr. Ravi Dubey and Mr. Yograj Singh were the ‘Surprise Speakers’. The whole show was enlightening in ways inexplicable in words. However, the star of the show was Ms. Janki Vyas who won all hearts with her ‘infectious smile’ and ‘Happiness Mantras’. Along with that, all the speakers very diligently sewed many different perspectives into one thread of sincerity, giving justice to the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. 

The event was successful in motivating and widening the thinking-potentials of all those present.


Taking momentum from the maiden TEDx event organized at GGDSD in 2015, the students decided to take forward the legacy by organizing the Second Edition of the event only to make it bigger and better.

Respectable influencers from all around the country were invited to share their experiences and perspectives on everyday things that could actually make a big difference. The speakers varied from progressive bureaucrats to young entrepreneurs covering different genres. 

Vikram Sridhar, who is an actor, wildlife enthusiast and a philanthropist, highlighted the power of stories in today's world and Raul Rodriguez, a neuro-scientist, entrepreneur and deception expert working with Interpol, talked about the deceptive interpretation of Islam and how it affects the world at large.

Thanks to the glorified reputation of the first edition, TEDxGGDSDCollege was well known for its precision as an intellectual gathering and its successor proved nothing short of any expectations. The audience were once again provided with a platform to get inspired and explore the potential of their innovative ideas.


Trusting the magic of new beginnings, TEDxGGDSDCollege 2015 was the first university level event that took place at GGDSD College. Honourable speakers like Vatsala Kakroo- An IT consultant, Sahil Sahore- A Management Accountant, Hemant Goswami- An activist and 6 others embraced the event and spread enlightenment with their words. The topics that were spoken on, were diverse- from culture to happiness to mantra for success. The event took place on 22nd August 2015, marking the beginning of a new journey for the college. The event happened to be a great success, establishing a legacy to be carried forward in the future!

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