25th September, 2020


The theme for this year's event is CONSTRUCTIVE CHAOS. It focuses on deviating an unstrangled thread of fuss to a creative and resourceful mindset. It will be a guide to the act of thriving in the face of adversity and adapting to change as the situation demands. We hope to unravel in this edition how with the help of gradual transformation and enhancement, unexplored areas of life can be discovered to reach our full potential.

TEDxGGDSDCollege 2020

The Sixth Edition of TEDxGGDSDCollege 2020 is the first real-time operational, digitally hosted edition, which is an addition to the exceptional legacy of TEDxGGDSDCollege. Following the theme Constructive Chaos, distinguished speakers from around the nation are invited to present their take on the theme, giving a constructive way out of their chaos.

The event covers the speakers from a wide spectrum of professions ranging from: the passion stories of travel & lifestyle photographer - Aman Chotani; an inspirational lead woman, founder and director of 17000ft Foundation - Sujata Sahu; an experienced architect/designer and co-founder of Hexpressions - Abhimanyu Singh; a powerful actor and influencer who rose to prominence through his hard work and perseverance - Taher Shabbir; a man who didn't shy away from following his dreams into the world of acting after getting an MBA from Panama City - Mahesh Thakur and last but not least a renowned actor in the world of television and Bollywood - Rohit roy.


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